Remote to an Android device using TeamViewer Host App

Remote to an Android device using TeamViewer Host App

You can remote to an android through “TeamViewer Host” app similar to how you remote to a computer. Remoting to a mobile device is especially useful if you’re responsible for a MUCH older relative with an android (and data connection) and they occasionally want you to troubleshoot issues on their device.

Three (3) key steps:

Step 1 – Create a free account with

Step 2 – Download the TeamViewer Host app on the person’s Android device.

Step 3 – Log in to your TeamViewer account on the Android device. Signing in will add the Android device inside your TeamViewer account.

Screenshot of TeamViewer Host App when logged in on an Android device


Connecting to Android device

Three (3) simple steps

Step 1 – They start the TeamViewer Host App on their Android device.

Step 2 – You log in to and select the device from the dashboard, select whether you want to connect with TeamViewer on your PC or through a Chrome extension.

The option from PC about how to connect

Step 3 – A notification will pop-up on the Android device showing that there is an active connection. From the remote side, you will now see the screen of the Android device. All actions from the remote side will also be reflected on the Android device.

PS. Don’t do this if you’re evil and just trying to spy on someone, the Android device and mobile app will notify them of the active connection.

Screenshot from the device user’s side


Screenshot from the remote user’s side

Security Takeaway:

  • Security is important when remoting to a device.
  • Receiving users must give authorisation and be informed of active remote connections.
  • Pay attention to the notifications and strange behaviour on your mobile device.
  • Don’t give your device to strangers without supervision because software with good intentions can be misused by malicious people.

This takeaway is based on an original tweet by me @hackinggavin