A perspective on a Comprehensive Information Security Governance Framework for Jamaica

In February 2019, the Jamaica Gleaner published an article about by Nadine Maitland about the need for Jamaica to have a comprehensive information security governance framework.

The article discusses the following:

  • A concerning increase in cost and impact of cyber crime in the past years.
  • Many governments and organisations critical infrastructures rely on information systems.
  • Jamaica requires a coordinated and deliberate approach for cyber security.
  • Cyber crimes are often under-reported.
  • The GDPR is a good example of a structured approach to data security.
  • The Government of Jamaica should adopt the approach of the GDPR and enforce it.
  • The sensitivity of the information in the developing NIDS system.
  • A clear governance structure should be implemented and enforced.

The article quotes Ms. Maitland as “a lecturer at the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Technology, Jamaica”.